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Cosponsors:  Hastings, Gaetz, Richmond, Ratcliffe, Yarmuth


Dear Colleague, 

I write to ask for your support for the Student-Athlete Equity Act.  

As you may have seen, Governor Newsom of California signed the Fair Pay to Play Act today, which bars state universities and colleges from being a member of or participating in an organization that restricts a student-athletes’ ability to accept compensation
for the use of their name, image or likeness.  States like New York, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina are considering similar pieces of legislation all on the idea that our students are being disadvantaged by organizations like the NCAA — forced
into a near-monopolistic venture and restricted in economic activity to the benefit of their administrators and coaches.

In 1976, the United States Congress passed new non-profit tax exemptions, specifically for the NCAA.  These tax incentives have allowed the NCAA to grow into a $1 billion enterprise, establish the brand in amateur showcasing and carve out the pathway
to a professional athletic career for young adults.  However, these tax incentives have also led to restrictions on everything a student-athlete can and can not do, including how they can earn money outside of their association with the NCAA.  

We believe those restrictions are unfair, exploit the monopolistic advantage the NCAA holds and negatively colors the rest of the good the organization does for students and athletes.  In anticipation of state action and acknowledgment of the problem, Congressman
Walker and Congressman Richmond
 introduced the Student-Athlete Equity Act, which would amend the NCAA’s exemption to say they are not allowed to restrict NIL compensation from 3rd-parties (NOT SCHOOLS!) if they hope to keep their

If you would like more information or you would like to cosponsor, please contact Ryan Walker (No Relation) at or 28956.

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