Sept 6th Briefing: Securing U.S. Economic Interests in Foreign Direct Investment

When it comes to national security, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States or CFIUS, was created at the Treasury Department to review mergers, acquisitions, or takeovers by foreign investors. Yet, CFIUS has no
meaningful way to reviewing foreign direct investment for its impact on our nation’s economic security. As foreign direct investment in the United States continues to break records, it is past time to think about U.S. economic and national security interests
comprehensively – and the implications for sensitive sectors of our economy.

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ICYMI: Insights for Fixing NAFTA

I wanted to bring to your attention two insightful op-eds that help detail provisions and strategies for upcoming NAFTA renegotiations. In the

New York Times, Dennis Williams and Jerry Dias, the presidents of the United Auto Workers and Canadian Unifor respectively, representing 245,000 workers in the North American auto assembly industry, highlight the steps needed to create a balanced trade
deal that provides real wage growth across the continent. I also wanted to share a

CNBC  piece by Chris Shelton of the Communications Workers of America on the specific provisions that will help make NAFTA the sustainable and prosperous agreement it was promised to be.

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ICYMI: Report on the Impact of Globalization and Trade Agreements on American Workers

I wanted to bring to your attention a newly released report by the Economic Policy Institute:

Adding Insult to Injury: How bad policy decisions have amplified globalization’s costs for American workers. The report, by economist Josh Bivens, details how policy failures have amplified the effects of globalization and depressed economic opportunity
for the American worker. Notably, trade agreements have consistently undercut workers and their economic interests while simultaneously carving out protections and incentives for corporate interests. The report recommends that the United States can:

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Prepare for Public Health Emergencies: Cosponsor the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Act (v. 2)

I write to share an article in the Scientific American entitled,
“Robust Emergency Fund Needed to Respond to Future Disease Outbreaks”, which highlights the urgent need to replenish our national public health emergency fund.  The authors state, “The idea behind an emergency fund is not to displace efforts to combat infectious
disease but to ramp them up to meet a crushing temporary need”.

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