Join the Congressional Cambodia Caucus

It is our pleasure to invite you to join the bipartisan Congressional Cambodia Caucus. The Caucus provides an opportunity for Members of Congress and the public to study and discuss Cambodia’s economic development, encourage and foster a greater respect for human rights and rule of law, as well as work to improve the United States-Cambodia bilateral relationship.

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Closing tomorrow: Support USFWS International Affairs and the Multinational Species Conservation Fund

The MSCF is made up of a group of five Congressionally-established funds that provide the species-focused component of the USFWS Wildlife Without Borders (WWB) program. These popular and effective programs have provided seed money and critical funding for public-private partnerships that conserve several of the world’s most iconic species—wild tigers, African and Asian elephants, rhinos, great apes and marine turtles—in their native habitats. Since 1989, these programs have awarded more than 2,600 grants, focusing on key species and priority regions to ensure the protection of some of the world’s most endangered and treasured animals.

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Cosponsor the Ensuring the Taxpayer a Fair Return for Federal Onshore Oil and Gas Resources Act H.R. 4389

Unfortunately, oil and gas companies are not paying their fair share for extracting our public resources.

Right now, companies hold roughly 50,000 oil and gas leases on over 34 million acres of onshore federal land—a footprint larger than the state of North Carolina. These leases allow companies to reap tremendous profits from the development of oil and gas on the public’s land. Unfortunately, the American people are getting shortchanged for the extraction of their resources.

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