Support an Open and Transparent Trade Negotiation Process

We invite you to join us in signing a letter to the U.S. Trade Representative urging a transparent and fair process for trade negotiations. With NAFTA negotiations beginning later this month, it is imperative that the Trump Administration develop a process
for sharing negotiating documents with Congress and the public. Such a process is necessary to get Congressional and public support for any eventual agreement.

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ICYMI: Insights for Fixing NAFTA

I wanted to bring to your attention two insightful op-eds that help detail provisions and strategies for upcoming NAFTA renegotiations. In the

New York Times, Dennis Williams and Jerry Dias, the presidents of the United Auto Workers and Canadian Unifor respectively, representing 245,000 workers in the North American auto assembly industry, highlight the steps needed to create a balanced trade
deal that provides real wage growth across the continent. I also wanted to share a

CNBC  piece by Chris Shelton of the Communications Workers of America on the specific provisions that will help make NAFTA the sustainable and prosperous agreement it was promised to be.

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Briefing (TODAY): NAFTA 101 Briefing Series – Currency Manipulation & Rule of Origin

Nearly a quarter century has passed since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was initially negotiated.  On July 24th the Administration outlined its negotiating strategy for revising the Agreement and said it will seek to deter currency
manipulation by trading partners as well as push to strengthen rules of origins. But what do they mean, what should we expect, and how do we ensure they follow through with their promises?

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