Employment: A Human Right

December 3, 2013

From: The Honorable John Conyers, Jr. Sent By: Bill: H.R. 1000 Date: 12/3/2013 Please join Congressman John Conyers, Jr. On International Human Rights Day Tuesday, December 10, 2013 For a discussion on: Employment: A Human Right 2237 Rayburn HOB 3:30pm-5:00pm Every December 10th, the world remembers the extraordinary accomplishment on that day in 1948 […]

Letter from Four Senators to President Obama about cuts to Medicare and Social Security

January 11, 2013

Senate Democratic Leaders sent a letter to President Obama today urging him to consider taking unilateral action to protect America’s economy in the face of continued intransigence and obstruction from Republicans.

Letter From 29 Senators Regarding Social Security Cuts

September 2, 2012

We’re writing to inform you that we will oppose including Social Security Cutes for future or current beneficiaries in any deficit reduction package.

Restoring Equal Access to the Equal Access to Justice Act

March 23, 2009

From: The Honorable Peter A. DeFazio Sent By: Date: 3/23/2009 LOW-INCOME AND DISABLED AMERICANS DESERVE THE RIGHT TO APPEAL A SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION DECISION Become an original cosponsor in the 111th Congress Deadline: COB Wednesday 110th Cosponsors (17): Boozman, Blumenauer, Carnahan, Courtney, Danny Davis, DeLauro, Farr, John Hall, Hooley, Jackson-Lee, McNerney, Pomeroy, Schakowsky, Space, […]