End the Arms Embargo Against Cyprus (v. 3)

July 6, 2017

I ask that you join me as an original cosponsor of legislation to repeal the existing U.S. arms embargo against the Republic of Cyprus.  Cyprus is a critical and strategic U.S. partner in the Eastern Mediterranean region, and ensuring their security will
help safeguard American interests, strengthen our alliances, and preserve our national security.

Co-sponsor H.Res. 128 to support respect for human rights and encourage inclusive governance in Ethiopia (v. 2)

July 6, 2017

Even before opposition political parties made surprising gains in Ethiopia’s 2005 elections, the Government of Ethiopia was restricting the rights and freedoms of its citizens. Democratic space in Ethiopia has steadily diminished since that 2005 election. 
As a result, the 2015 elections saw the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front party and affiliated parties claiming 100 percent of the parliamentary seats.

Help End Conflict and Famine in Africa – Support H. Res. 421

July 6, 2017

Of the 10 most serious famines in the world, seven are caused primarily by conflict.  Famine in Africa and Yemen has been called the worst since World War II, even worse than the catastrophic 2011 famine in East Africa. 

Become an Original Cosponsor of the PROTECT Act of 2017 (v. 2)

July 6, 2017

I would like to invite you to become a cosponsor of H.R. 150, “Providing Rewards for Outstanding Tips to Expose Crimes in Technology Act of 2017.”

COSPONSOR HR 3000: Terminate Islamabad’s Major Non-NATO Ally Status

June 29, 2017

We urge you to sign on as a cosponsor to a bipartisan bill that would revoke major non-NATO ally (MNNA) status from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Letter to SEC re Chicago Stock Exchange Takeover by Chinese Firm

June 28, 2017

In February 2016, 50 Members of Congress wrote Treasury to oppose the proposed takeover of the Chicago Stock Exchange by the Chinese firm, Chongqing Casin Enterprise Group (CCEG). In that letter, Members raised concerns related to Chinese government dominance
over industry and the lack of market transparency in China.

Become an original cosponsor of the Maritime Security Accountability Act

June 28, 2017

Please join me in advancing U.S. maritime security and ensuring our freedom of navigation efforts are held accountable to U.S. national security interests.  In recent years some of the biggest assaults on the freedom of the seas have gone unanswered by the
Executive branch, specifically by the Defense Department’s Freedom of Navigation Operations (FONOPs), jeopardizing our maritime security. Equally as alarming, Congress and the American people have no formal channel to learn which threats go unanswered by the
FONOPs, and have been forced to rely on leaks and news reports. This is why I will be introducing
the Maritime Security Accountability Act to make more information about FONOPs available to Congress and to help ensure a robust response to the most serious threats to our maritime security.