Fix the Tax Code for Farmers – Become a Cosponsor of the FAME Act (v. 3)

  From: The Honorable Ralph Lee Abraham Sent By: Bill: H.R. 4474 Date: 6/14/2016 HR 4474 – THE FAIRNESS FOR AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT ACT Supported by the American Farm Bureau Federation, and too many state farm bureaus to list here! Current Cosponsors: Ashford, Bishop, Blum, Byrne, Cramer, Crawford, Denham, Duffy, Hultgren, Kind, LaMalfa, Lucas, Lummis, Moolenaar, Pompeo, Scott, Scott (GA), Sensenbrenner, Valadao, Walz, Westerman, Young (IA) Please join Dr. […]

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