Congress Can Act on Infrastructure

This week marks the 6th annual National Infrastructure Week, and we know that Congress can come together to develop a bipartisan infrastructure strategy for our country. Earlier this year, the Problem Solvers Caucus released
Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure, a report produced by the Caucus’s Infrastructure Working Group with policy recommendations to build a 21st century infrastructure network for America. These policy options offer Congress a path forward
to develop a comprehensive plan to improve the nation’s highways, roads and bridges, transit and railways, ports and airports, water and sewer systems, energy system and power grid, and broadband and communications network.

You can read the Problem Solvers Report here.

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Invest in our Nation’s Crumbling Infrastructure

The American Society of Civil Engineers once again gave America’s infrastructure a D+ rating in its annual Infrastructure Report Score Card—a score that is, quite frankly, unacceptable for the American people and should be intolerable to every member of
Congress. May 14th through 21st marks the 6th annual Infrastructure Week, and there is no better time to highlight the critical importance of investing in the vital networks of transportation, water, energy, and civic infrastructure
systems in each of our districts.

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Give Patients Access to Their Records!

I invite you to become an original cosponsor of the Medical Records Access Fairness Act. This common-sense bill would require providers to give patients access to their medical records for free up to once per year, providing financial relief to hardworking
Americans who need access to their medical history. Copies of medical records are necessary for medical care when individuals change providers or need to see a specialist who does not have access to a patient’s complete medical history.

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