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Become a Cosponsor to the RELIEF Act


Cosponsors: Norton*, Schakowsky, Tlaib, Watson Coleman

Dear Colleague,

Now more than 30 million Americans are reported to have lost their jobs, erasing a decade of direct economic
growth in a matter of weeks. These surges in job losses are demonstrating this crisis’s massive and unprecedented harm on our economy and workforce which must be met by swift and unprecedented government action. 

Please join us as a cosponsor of H.R. 6290, the Reinvestment to Ensure a Livable Income for Every Family (RELIEF) Act, to push for next phase legislation to include sending monthly relief payments to all households as quickly as
possible with no means-testing, phase-ins, or phaseouts by:

  • Universally guaranteeing an immediate payment of $1,000 for every adult over the age of 18 and
    $500 for every child residing in the United States and its territories.

    • These direct payments would occur monthly until the pandemic is over as declared by Treasury and Health and Human Services, with the last payment coming the quarter after the pandemic ends.
  • Providing additional administrative and enforcement funding to authorize the Social Security Administration and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to establish this program as soon as possible using existing mechanisms for online direct deposit and direct check

    • The IRS will be responsible for recapturing taxes on these payments at 100% for the high income earners in the following tax year.
    • Treasury will be mandated to establish additional application and delivery procedures to make sure all others, such as the unbanked and individuals experiencing homelessness, usually left out of such existing mechanisms will still be able to receive these
      payments promptly.
  • Requiring annual reports by the Congressional Budget Office, Treasury and the Federal Reserve to study how the U.S. could implement alternative economic resiliency policies, such as guaranteed income, to improve readiness for future, severe economic downturn
    caused by similar pandemics, depressions, and climate change catastrophes.

The RELIEF Act is a necessary step we must take to meet the urgent needs of the American people as efficiently and effectively as possible. While additional policies will have to be included to make sure that the needs of all Americans are met now and well
after this crisis is over, this bill would be a good start to deliver rapid, emergency financial support to the American people throughout the duration of this pandemic.

To become a cosponsor to the RELIEF Act, please fill out
this form
, and if you have any questions, contact Yonathan Teclu ( in my office. 




Ilhan Omar

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