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Dear Colleague:

Please join us as a cosponsor of legislation that would make non-congregate sheltering an automatically eligible cost for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funding reimbursement during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic.

FEMA considers emergency sheltering in hotels, motels, dormitories and any other space with more privacy as non-congregate sheltering. Typically, FEMA does not provide funding for non-congregate sheltering and applicants are required to get prior approval
for the limited circumstances where this type of sheltering is allowed.

In the past few weeks, several states and local governments have started
purchasing hotel rooms
to shelter at-risk populations. This includes those experiencing homelessness, first responders and healthcare workers that cannot go home, as well as individuals that have been exposed to COVID-19 and need to quarantine for 14 days
but do not require hospitalization. Due to the unique nature of the current pandemic, non-congregate sheltering is necessary to slow the spread of the virus and protect the public’s health.

Additionally, FEMA dollars are used to supplement state budgets. Currently, FEMA only reimburses applicants for 75% of the eligible costs incurred while performing emergency protective measures under the Public Assistance (PA) program. By creating an additional
funding source, we will relieve many state and local government budgets that are burdened as they deploy all of their resources to respond to the pandemic.

This legislation would allow greater flexibility in the use of FEMA dollars for non-congregate sheltering. Specifically, it would:

  1. Direct the FEMA Administrator to issue guidance that makes non-congregate sheltering an automatically eligible cost for reimbursement under FEMA’s PA program for the duration of the public health emergency

  2. Create an additional fund for eligible states, territories, and tribal governments to cover the non-federal share over their approved FEMA PA program dollars.

We hope you will join in cosponsoring this important legislation. For additional information or to cosponsor, please contact Whitley O’Neal (Takano) at, Jaime Cobham (Clarke) at, or Todd Sloves (Espaillat) at



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