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Join Congressmen Quigley and McCaul, Senators Booker and Graham in writing to key international institutions about the pubic health necessity of ending the wildlife trade and the ‘wet’ markets that spawn disease.

Endorsed by: American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene


Current Signers: Senate: Booker, Graham, Leahy, Cramer, Van Hollen, Tillis, Coons, McSally, Hyde-Smith, Shaheen, Rubio, Gary Peters, Durbin, Merkley, Whitehouse

House: Quigley, McCaul, Fitzpatrick, Kuster, Kaptur, DelBene, Barragan, Shalala, Grijalva, Garcia (IL), Gaetz, McGovern, Soto, Schakowsky, Posey, Neguse, Cohen, Upton, Napolitano

COVID-19, SARS, MERS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Zika, Ebola, and even HIV/AIDS are zoonotic diseases – diseases that jumped from animals to people- and can be traced back to close contact between wildlife and people, and even human consumption of wild animals.
Scientists estimate that approximately 60- 75% of emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic, approximately 72% originate from wildlife. It is clear that the trade in these animals and the ‘wet’ markets where they are kept in close quarters to each other and
to people, and are bought, sold, and butchered, are a threat to public health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has already killed thousands, disrupted the lives of billions, and cost the global economy trillions. Even as we remain committed to weathering this pandemic and recovering from it swiftly and fully, we must take steps to prevent the
next deadly disease from emerging.

Please join Congressmen Mike Quigley and Michael McCaul and Senators Corey Booker and Lindsey Graham in writing to the World Health Organization, the World Organisation for Animal Health, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, to
urge these key international organizations to take the action the necessary to end this threat to human health and stop the next pandemic before it starts.

Last week, Dr. Anthony Fauci
that that the world community should pressure China and other nations that run so-called “wet markets” to shut them down. For your reference, here are some


on this issue.

Please see the text of the letter below and reach out to Max Frankel in Congressman Quigley’s office at to sign on, or Thomas Rice in Congressman McCaul’s office at 


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