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Recognize the Essential Contributions of Warehouse, Distribution, and Delivery Workers During the Coronavirus Outbreak!

Dear Colleague,

As many Americans shelter at home during the coronavirus crisis, frontline workers are tirelessly working to keep the rest of us safe. Although often unnoticed and underappreciated, distribution workers are serving on the front lines of this pandemic, performing
crucial roles to help Americans get the food and supplies they need. Most of these workers make less than $15 an hour and perform their duties without adequate equipment to protect themselves. These same workers often have insufficient healthcare benefits
and work in dangerous circumstances without hazard pay.

This resolution commends distribution workers for their efforts and calls on employers to ensure that workers are provided with personal protective equipment (PPE), adequate health insurance, and hazard pay. The resolution also asks the Occupational Safety
and Health Administration (OSHA) to help guarantee workers’ safety in these challenging times. This resolution not only shows our appreciation for these workers, but ensures we are providing them with adequate protection during this crisis.    

I hope that you will join me in supporting this important resolution.  You may sign on as a cosponsor by emailing Paul Musgrave ( in
my office. Please also see my office’s
press release


Matt Cartwright  

Member of Congress  


H. Res. TBD

Recognizing the contributions of distribution and warehousing workers during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.

Whereas the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to a state of unprecedented economic disruption in the United States;

Whereas the widespread implementation of stay-at-home measures and restrictions on many categories of businesses produced a surge in demand for delivery services, with its effects felt at every link in the supply chain;

Whereas employees in warehouses, shipping, and distribution centers have been called upon to fulfill this increased demand as essential workers during the pandemic;

Whereas these employees work for long hours in physically demanding roles doing tasks essential for the economy;

Whereas these employees have frequently lacked the personal protective equipment needed to fully guard against COVID-19;

Whereas some employees are reported to have contracted the virus, and many workers fear that they may contract the virus because their essential work means they cannot remain at home; and

Whereas workers in many facilities have requested their companies support them by providing information, safety equipment, adequate compensation, and other conditions necessary for them to do their jobs with confidence: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives—

  1. declares that workers involved in the warehousing, distribution, and delivery industries play a vital role in sustaining the Nation during this emergency;
  2. expresses gratitude to these workers and all who are performing essential tasks during this outbreak;
  3. supports these workers’ receiving hazard pay, personal protective equipment, and adequate health insurance; and
  4. calls upon the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to ensure that employers in these industries are maintaining a safe workplace free from hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to employees, including from


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