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Preserve H-1B Medical Personnel in Underserved Areas

Co-Sponsor the Health Center Workforce Protection Act

Health centers across the country are being hit hard by the coronavirus crisis. They’re cutting down on appointments and procedures that can be postponed, and they’re losing revenue – patient visits are down nearly 60% for some health centers. That means
budget cuts, furloughs, and layoffs of health professionals at a time when we need them most. Some of those layoffs are of medical professionals who are here on H-1B visas. If they’re laid off, they lose their visas and their community loses doctors, nurses,
and physician’s assistants – permanently. Now isn’t the time to be sending medical professionals away.

The Health Care Workforce Protection Act provides a commonsense solution in light of this pandemic by extending the 60-day grace period for an H-1B healthcare worker who loses his or her job to last for the duration of the Coronavirus
crisis, so that even if their employer is struggling, they aren’t forced to abandon the community they serve in the middle of a health emergency. 

More than 90 percent of the U.S. population is under a stay-at-home order right now. Requiring people – particularly healthcare workers – to move, and in many cases use public transportation, during this time is irresponsible. Not only could these layoffs
reduce our ability to fight the coronavirus, it could put healthcare workers and the wide range of other essential workers with whom they would have to interact at unnecessary risk.

For more information or to sign onto the bill, please reach out to Simon Korn on my staff at


Josh Harder

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