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Join the Congressional Pacific Islands Caucus!

Current Members (20): Don Bacon, Ami Bera, Rob Bishop, Ed Case, Brian Fitzpatrick, Tulsi Gabbard, Vicente Gonzalez, Al Green, Ted Lieu, Brian Mast, Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen, Tim Ryan, Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan, Michael San Nicolas,
Brad Sherman, Thomas Suozzi, Juan Vargas, and Steve Womack, Ted Yoho, Don Young. 

Dear Colleague:

Last year, a handful of us came together to create the Congressional Pacific Islands Caucus, the first such group of Members of Congress dedicated to this dynamic and diverse part of the world. We saw that the Pacific Islands region is critical to our national
security interests in the Indo-Pacific and support greater U.S. engagement with this region in support of our shared interests and values.

Today, the Pacific Islands Caucus is twenty Members strong and growing, with membership on both sides of the aisle. Over the past few months, the caucus has held Member-level events such as dinner with New Zealand Ambassador Rosemary Banks and staff-level
briefings by the Department of State, Department of Defense, USAID and U.S. Indo-Pacific Command.

The Pacific Islands and their maritime exclusive economic zones, roughly divided into the three sub-regions of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia, encompass a surface area larger than the land area of Russia and China combined. These islands include independent
states, states in free association, territories and dependencies, including four of our own, and they stretch from Hawai‘i to Tonga, from Easter Island to Palau. During the Second World War, American soldiers fought to liberate these islands to ensure security
for the United States and its allies in the Pacific. Today, these island countries are increasingly under severe economic and environmental stress as well as the growing influence of China.

Much of our future over the next generation will be determined in the Indo-Pacific, among these jurisdictions and their neighbors including New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia and Japan. It is incumbent on us to increase our understanding, foster
our relationships and chart a common course with the Pacific Islands.

To these ends, we invite you to join the Congressional Pacific Islands Caucus. The goals of this caucus are to (1) serve as a resource in educating Members and staffs on the importance of the Pacific Islands and the issues they face, (2) demonstrate United
States commitment to the Indo-Pacific and specifically to the Pacific Islands, (3) facilitate communication and cooperation on issues of shared interest between the United States and the Pacific Islands, including development, trade and regional stability
and security, and (4) assist in formulating and implementing sound national policy in the Indo-Pacific over the next generation.

If you would like to join the Pacific Islands Caucus or have any questions, please contact Ben Chao with Congressman Case (202-225-2726;




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