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 The next deadline to sign on to this letter is COB TODAY, Wednesday, April, 29. 


he total number of detainees, ICE staff, and facilities reporting new positive cases of COVID-19 continues to grow at an alarming rate. My boss plans on sending a weekly update to DHS and ICE pointing out these concerns and signing additional Members
onto the letter

  • To date, only 705 ICE detainees have been tested for COVID-19. Of those tested, over 60% (425) have tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Since the original letter was written on April 18, detainees who have tested positive for COVID-19 has increased from 105 to 425, that’s a 305% increase. During the same period, detention facilities reporting positive COVID-19 results for detainees have
    gone from 25 to 33 facilities. 
  • During this same period, ICE staff who tested positive for the virus had gone up from 25 to 36 and the detention facilities reporting these positive results for staff had also gone up from 7 to 12 facilities.

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Cosigners (28): Susan A. Davis, Scott H. Peters, Mike Levin, James P. McGovern, Earl Blumenauer, Darren Soto, Veronica Escobar, Barbara Lee, Jahana Hayes, Sheila Jackson Lee, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Jesús G. “Chuy” García, Grace F. Napolitano,
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