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CLOSING Friday May 1st

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Dear Colleagues:

We write today to get your support to include all our ports in the next COVID-19 relief package. While Congress has done good work to address many impacted industries, ports have so far been left out of those recent relief programs. Yet, they are still impacted
by this crisis and need critical resources to continue their work.

Ports are essential parts of our trade networks and provide the necessary means to get goods where they need to be. As we say in the letter, these places cannot just close up shop and allow workers to go home until this over. The work being done here is
crucial to our nation’s well-being and will be indispensable once we begin to recover from this crisis.

Congress already recognized in the CARES Act how COVID-19 is affecting other transportation and infrastructure sectors, like transit and air. Now it is time to focus our efforts on getting relief to all our ports so they can continue their important work
to keep this nation going.

We hope that you will join us in this effort to get some much-needed relief to a key area of our communities.


Member of Congress             Member of Congress                     Member of Congress

Dear Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Hoyer, and Minority Leader McCarthy:

We start this letter by offering our sincere thanks to you and your staff for all the work that you have done to help the American people during this emergency. The bipartisan work being done here in Congress is unprecedented and shows what we can do together
to overcome extraordinary events.

Our nation continues to suffer from the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Congress has done tremendous work advancing multiple pieces of legislation to mitigate the impact, but it is increasingly obvious that more must be done. We are advocating here that
our nation’s ports must be included in any future packages. This is a sector of our economy that has so far been left out of proposals but needs assistance to carry on their essential work. Ports remain vitally important to the well-being of our communities
during this time and will be critical for recovery efforts once this crisis is over. However, due to their unique governing structures, these entities have not been eligible for many of the recently enacted relief programs. Our ask here is simple: we must
include relief specifically set aside for our ports in the next COVID-19 package. 

Funding sources vary for ports, but all have seen their budgets hit hard by the ongoing business closures and stay-at-home orders. Yet port staff are not able to just lock up their facilities and go home. Their vital work must continue to move the goods
the American people need and to maintain safety and security for these essential workers. Congress should recognize the enormous impact this is having by including them in the next package.

Most important is that the next package disperses aid to ports of all sizes, both large and small alike. Our solution must make sure that all our ports receive the resources they need. Small ports are often the lifeblood of communities and are the hardest
hit by these events. We must not forget them when crafting these policies. Any effort enacted here must be able to flow down to the smallest port to help them weather this emergency.

Ports come in all sizes, provide gainful employment, and serve a wide variety of industry sectors – import/export, energy/chemical, manufacturing, commercial fishing, agriculture, and so forth. Our nation’s ports serve as the vital link between our people
and the goods they buy for their families as well as ensuring American made products can be purchased in foreign markets. Previous aid has served other sectors of the transportation industry deemed essential and now it is critical that all of our nation’s
ports receive much needed assistance to keep supply chains moving and keep both employees and customers safe

We stand ready to work with you to address these problems and make sure that all Americans receive assistance during these challenging times. Without this aid, industries served by ports will not be able to offer essential services to get our communities
back into shape once we start to recover from this crisis.

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