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Cosponsor H.R. 6607 – the Strategic National Stockpile Enhancement and Transparency Act

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As the COVID-19 pandemic crisis has unfolded, our health care providers and centers have been pushed to the breaking point.  Every day they put their safety and even their lives at risk providing vital care to their communities.

Further complicating this already herculean mission, many are being forced to do so without sufficient supplies such as personal protection equipment (PPE), ventilators and other vital equipment.  Unfortunately, for many states, when they have sought help
from the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), they have not always gotten the items they needed.  Many have gotten only a fraction of the items they need, with some receiving expired or even the wrong supplies.

States depend on the SNS to supplement their own supplies and reserves, but the SNS and its supplies must be reliable and trackable.  To address this vital need, I have introduced the Strategic National Stockpile Enhancement and Transparence Act.  It requires
the Secretary of HHS, in coordination with the National Biodefense Science Board to establish the National Emergency Biodefense Network (“the Network”) comprising the SNS and supply repositories in each state.  The Network will be tasked with tracking the
availability of supplies in each state and in the SNS and ensuring an adequate supply in each.  The bill also requires the Network to use a private blockchain system to inventory and track items in the SNS and the state stockpiles.  A blockchain system will
allow for real-time updating of the stockpiles in a way that is tamper proof.   Finally, the bill provides for funding to states to help them set up their supply repositories and establish their blockchain systems to allow for tracking.

You can find a link to the bill language
.  If you would like to join me as a cosponsor please fill out
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