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We write to request your support for the Air Force Budget Transparency Act, which will help bring transparency to Air Force funding levels by removing the non-“blue” pass-through budget from Air Force total obligation authority.

The Air Force pass-through budget is a historical budget artifact that has become a convenient administrative conduit for funding a collection of non-Air Force classified and unclassified programs.  In FY21, 18% of Air Force total obligation authority is
passed through the Air Force budget to fund non-Air Force programs.  No other service has a comparable pass-through budget, and the use of pass-through funding obscures the Air Force’s budgetary reality at a time when careful investment is critical.    

The creation of the Space Force provides increased urgency to bring transparency to the Air Force budget.  In FY21, the accounting of $16.2B in the USSF budget while retaining the entire $38.2B of pass through in the “blue” budget compounds the distorting
effect of the pass-through budget to 20% of the blue budget.  This additional 20% makes Air Force investment appear greater than it is and squeezes this investment against an artificially inflated topline.  While establishing a separate budget for the Space
Force, now is the time to resolve this lingering budget anomaly and restore transparency to the Air Force budget.    

This bill would address the Air Force pass-through budget by requiring the non-“blue” portion of Air Force TOA to be accounted for in more appropriate defense accounts. 

Please join us in supporting this critical legislation. If you have questions or would like to co-sponsor, please email


Don Bacon                  Henry Cuellar             Austin Scott                Jeff Fortenberry

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