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Current Cosponsors (5): Troy Balderson, Tedd Budd, Denver Riggleman, David Rouzer, William Timmons

Dear Colleague: I invite you to cosponsor my legislation which amends the Defense Production Act (DPA) to use its authority to ensure the availability of medical articles. The legislation will diversify America’s medical supply chain, so America is less
dependent on China’s infrastructure. During this challenging health crisis, this legislation is more important than ever to ensure the safety of American citizens by decreasing reliance on other countries for medical supplies. It will also ensure that, after
the pandemic passes, America can maintain this independence going forward. 

The DPA provides the government more control during emergencies to direct industrial production. President Trump invoked the DPA on March 18, 2020, which means he has been or will be calling on different businesses to help expand the production and distribution
shortfall of medical supplies. This legislation dovetails with the President’s actions to ensure that America will be able to have a reliable and necessary source of medical supplies during times of emergency. 

Specifically, my legislation:

  1. Adds to the Statement of Policy within the DPA that the President should use DPA authorities to ensure the availability of medical articles essential to national defense, specifically as it relates to securing our supply chains.
  2. Clarifies that the President may provide incentives to ensure the availability of medical articles essential for national defense.
  3. Requires the President to create a strategy on securing medical article supply chains, including for drugs that diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease.
    1. Must be submitted within 120 days of enactment.
    2. Must include an analysis of vulnerabilities to the supply chain and outline measures needed to ensure the components of the supply chain are not under the exclusive control of a foreign government that could threaten our national security.
    3. Required to submit an annual progress report on the strategy
  4. Provides the President explicit authority to use the DPA to protect supply chains by allowing the payment to eligible entities to increase the security of supply chains and their activities.

If you are interested in cosponsoring or would like additional information, please reach out to Ashley Gunn at



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