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I invite you to cosponsor my bipartisan legislation which would make public detailed information in regard to the corrupt funds held by Iran’s authoritarian theocratic regime. It would also require the U.S. Treasury to brief Congress on how the funds have
been acquired and used. By combining publicly available information with U.S. intelligence, the Holding Iranian Leaders Accountable Act can provide a valuable window into the corrupt business practices of Iran’s top kleptocrats and limit their financial holdings,
which can be used to support and sponsor terrorism.  

Given the ongoing corrupt actions of the Iranian government, Iranians citizens are demanding accountability from their leaders. I stand with the Iranian people, and I have no doubt that the ayatollahs in Tehran and their cronies are profiting at the expense
of the Iranian people. This bill will shine a light on their corruption and what the leaders of Iran are really doing with the money they have stolen.

I am pleased to have introduced this legislation with my good friend, Rep. Al Lawson (D-FL). A similar version of the legislation was introduced in the 115th and 114th Congresses by former Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-ME) and passed the House
with bipartisan majorities.

Barring any exemptions enumerated in the legislation, my bill would require:

  1. The President to report to Congress within 180 days of enactment and every two years thereafter the financial funds for certain Iranian leaders and the financial institutions holding those funds; and
  2. The Treasury to brief Congress within 60 days of the report’s release

If you are interested in cosponsoring or would like additional information, please reach out to Ashley Gunn, Senior Advisor, at



French Hill

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