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Cosponsor H.R. 4278 – The Federal Jobs Guarantee Development Act of 2019


Endorsements: American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Jobs with Justice

Sponsors: Bonnie Watson Coleman, Ilhan Omar

Cosponsors (25): Khanna, Serrano, Thompson (MS-02), Pallone, Jr., Norton, Payne, Jr., Kelly (IL-02), DeSaulnier, Lee (CA-13), Pocan, Wilson (FL-24), Jayapal, Barragan, Clarke, Rush (IL-01),
Schakowsky, Tlaib, Evans, Cleaver, Cummings, Lawrence, Ocasio-Cortez, Jackson Lee, Garcia (IL-04), Gomez

Dear Colleague,

We invite you to become a cosponsor of
H.R. 4278
– The Federal Jobs Guarantee Development Act of 2019

According to the latest unemployment numbers,
7.1 million Americans 
find themselves unemployed as the country continues to deal with the economic consequences caused by COVID-19. Meanwhile, nearly 5.8 million Americans who
want full-time work can only find part-time jobs. These numbers don’t even count for the over
22 million Americans who have been seeking unemployment benefits over the last four weeks. These numbers
are only expected to rise as we continue to deal with virus. Many Americans feel discouraged as they want to work but have been forced out do to no fault of their own. Along with that, many Americans lost crucial benefits that were tied to their jobs such
as their health insurance. With these things in mind, we invite you to become a cosponsor of the Federal Jobs Guarantee Development Act of 2019.

We believe that every American who wants to work, should be able to do so. When we get through this outbreak, the federal government can provide support in getting people jobs. Everyone should be able to have a job that pays a living wage and provides basic
benefits like health insurance, paid sick leave, and paid family leave. These jobs will not only put more Americans back to work but will have an immensely positive impact on the communities in which they work and live. Putting people to work in fields that
are under-staffed but sorely needed, such as caregiving, infrastructure, clean energy, and community revitalization, will benefit everyone. This bill is the first step toward achieving the goal of full employment at livable wages for all Americans.

This is a companion bill to legislation by Senator Booker which will:

  • Authorize and fund the creation of a 3-year pilot program at the Department of Labor (DOL) to test the promise and impact of a federal job guarantee in up to 15 diverse communities and regions.
    • Sites will be selected based on local need and assisted, and jobs to be filled, ensuring that work would advance critical local and national priorities for which the private sector under-provides, like child and elder care, infrastructure, clean energy,
      and community revitalization.
  • Ensure that every adult with residence in a pilot community may be eligible for a guaranteed job.
    • Jobs will include a minimum wage phasing in to $15/hour, paid family and sick leave, and health coverage like that enjoyed by Members of Congress.
  • Require that each pilot community create a “Community Job Bank” website, which will feature high-impact jobs sourced primarily by local communities, as well as Federal agencies, based on their needs and priorities.
  • Expand the Work Opportunity Tax Credit to incentivize private employers to recruit and hire participants out of the pilot program.
  • Authorize a rigorous evaluation of the program’s implementation and impact across many metrics, including unemployment rates, private sector wages, safety net spending, and incarceration rates, to create a roadmap for expansion after the pilot’s completion.

For more information on the legislation or if you would like to cosponsor, please contact Brad Korten ( | (202) 225-5801) in Rep. Watson Coleman’s office or Kelly Misselwitz ( | (202) 225-4755 in Rep. Omar’s office. Thank you for your consideration.





BONNIE WATSON COLEMAN                                               ILHAN OMAR
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