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Coronavirus: Support pandemic preparation and response by cosponsoring the Advancing Emergency Preparedness Through One Health Act

Dear Colleague,

As the world responds to the spread of COVID-19, we need to be better prepared for future zoonotic disease outbreaks. The bipartisan Advancing Emergency Preparedness Through One Health Act of 2019 (HR 3771) would establish a national One Health Framework to
do just that, coordinating federal activities around zoonotic disease prevention, preparation, and response.

One Health recognizes that the health of people is deeply connected to the health of animals and the environment. It is important in the preparation for, research of, and prevention of zoonotic disease outbreaks. Most infectious diseases in humans are spread
from animals – like we saw with this specific coronavirus – and veterinarians play an integral role in determining the origins of zoonotic diseases and their transmission to humans. No discussion of global health policy is complete without acknowledging the
other two poles of One Health: animal and ecological health.

HR 3771 is led by Rep. Kurt Schrader (OR-05) and Rep. Ted S. Yoho (FL-03), Co-Chairs of the Congressional Veterinary Medicine Caucus and veterinarians for more than 30 years. The bill will require the Department of Health and Human Services, USDA, CDC, EPA,
and other related agencies to create a national One Health Framework to coordinate all federal activities to prevent, prepare for, and respond to zoonotic disease outbreaks. This Framework will build upon the current One Health work at the CDC and USDA and
require that all federal agencies be part of a singular, unified One Health Framework. Federal activities must be coordinated and well-funded so that we can prevent zoonotic outbreaks and respond to them quickly.

In the face of an outbreak like COVID-19, a national One Health Framework is critical for a coordinated response driven by scientific research. The bill specifically requires that the Framework advance protocol development to improve joint outbreak response
to and recovery from zoonotic disease outbreaks, and workforce development to prevent and respond to these outbreaks. A national One Health Framework is also forward-thinking, helping us research and prepare for potential future zoonotic diseases.

HR 3771 will strengthen our government’s response to zoonotic diseases, thereby also bolstering our global health response and protecting Americans from current and future outbreaks. By adopting a coordinated national One Health Framework, federal agencies
will be able to better identify, prevent, and prepare for potentially devastating zoonotic diseases.

To cosponsor HR 3771, please contact Julia Stafford ( with Rep. Schrader or Joshua Woodward (
with Rep. Yoho.


Kurt Schrader, DVM                           Ted S. Yoho, DVM
Member of Congress                          Member of Congress

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