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Dear Colleague:

The actions taken by the administration under the Defense Production Act (DPA) to date are insufficient to ensure a coherent, nationwide response to the requirements for medical resources and supplies across our country. As a result, the commercial markets
that the states and local municipalities have been directed by the administration to use are failing. Public reporting has found that

New York State is paying 15 times
the normal market prices for medical supplies and equipment, preventing other regions of the country from procuring needed resources.

There are indications the crisis in New York will soon peak and they can begin recovering, yet the crisis for the rest of the nation is only truly beginning. We have learned that the health systems in our states cannot compete within the current marketplace
and thus cannot procure the medical supplies and equipment necessary to prepare for the coming wave of infections. These market failures endanger the lives of every one of our constituents.

These deficiencies in the market do not have to exist. The DPA grants the administration the necessary authorities to ensure a coordinated, national distribution of scarce resources in the name of national defense. Please join me as an original cosponsor
of the Pandemic Response and Interstate Cost Equity (PRICE) Act to establish the federal government as the single payer and vendor for critical medical equipment during the COVID-19 public health emergency by requiring the following actions by the administration
under the DPA:

  • Identification of the medical supplies and equipment for which the prevailing market prices exceed the average market price from calendar year 2019 by more than 10 percent.
  • Exercising the authority provided under Title I to place an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract with all domestic suppliers for these and other scarce medical resources required to address the pandemic.
  • Exercising the authority provided under Title I to require these suppliers to prioritize the federal contract.
  • Exercising the authority provided under Title I to establish a national distribution plan to allocate these resources fairly and according to need, taking into account critical regions for the crisis response. 
  • Providing to Congress biweekly updates on the status of the contracts and the allocation of the resources.
  • Re-establishing the Joint Committee on Defense Production to conduct oversight of these programs.

The federal government is the largest, most powerful organization in the world with the ability to take action to ensure all Americans receive the care that they require in these dangerous times without paying a price above and beyond what is reasonable.
The COVID-19 crisis requires the full strength of the federal government to respond with immediate, consistent, comprehensive, and deliberate action to stabilize the market for medical equipment.

Please join me as an original co-sponsor of the PRICE Act and direct the administration to take the necessary action and exercise existing authorities to ensure the market failures are corrected and medical resources go to the greatest need. To join the
bill please complete this form, or contact Jonathan Rayner on my staff at for more information.


Anthony G. Brown
Member of Congress

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