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Dear Colleague,

As Americans—including doctors, researchers, and public health experts—respond to the global coronavirus pandemic, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is moving forward hastily with a number of environmental and public health rules, including ones
that would jeopardize public and environmental health. We ask that you join us in urging the EPA to extend their public comment periods by at least 45 days beyond the end of the declared national emergency, including comment periods which closed between March
13th to present, as well as those that are still open. Doing so will ensure that all Americans have an opportunity to participate in the rulemaking process, as the Administrative Procedures Act requires. 

One of the proposed rules currently open for public comment, the so-called “Secret Science Rule” would significantly limit the peer-reviewed scientific information that the Agency is able to use to inform their decisions. A previous version of the rule received
600,000 comments from the public, largely in opposition. A mere thirty days for the public to comment on this broad rule would be unduly short under any circumstances, but as Americans respond to the pandemic, it is especially egregious.

We hope that you will join us in urging this extension, both in response to the enormous challenges presented by this crisis and in order to allow for informed rulemaking to prevent public health issues in the future. Please contact Catherine (
with Rep. Bobby Scott, Max ( with Rep. Mike Quigley or Mike ( with Rep. Jerry McNerney with any questions
or to sign on.


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Member of Congress

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