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Tulsi Gabbard

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Funding Level Request: $30 million for USGS Volcano Hazards Program


***Deadline: COB 3/17/2020***

Dear Colleague,

Please join us in submitting a letter to the Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies requesting $30 million in funding for the USGS Volcano Hazards Program for Fiscal Year 2021.

Since 1980, there have been 120 eruptions and 52 episodes of notable volcanic unrest at 44 volcanoes located in the United States. When erupting, all volcanoes pose a degree of risk to people and infrastructure. The USGS assesses active and potentially active
volcanoes in the United States for dangers to communities and infrastructure.

The mission of the USGS Volcano Hazards Program is to enhance public safety and minimize social and economic disruption from volcanic activity. This is accomplished by delivering forecasts, warnings, and information about volcano hazards based on the scientific
understanding of volcanic processes. Scientists at USGS Volcano Observatories monitor, research, and issue formal notices of activity for volcanoes in assigned geographic areas. Scientists also assess volcano hazards and work with communities to prepare for
volcanic activity.

Support for $30 million in funding for the USGS Volcano Hazards Program would ensure the continuation of the program mission of volcano monitoring, scientific research, and public engagement and awareness.

If you have any questions, please contact Laakea Stone with Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard at or by phone at 202-225-4906, or Kayla
Rillo with Congressman Don Young’s office at or by phone at 202-225-5765.


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