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Members that signed on for FY 20: Lee, Wagner, Neguse, Engel, Fitzpatrick, Cohen, Bonamici, Blunt Rochester, Schneider, Jayapal, Lipinski, Speier, Khanna, DeLauro, Young, Ruppersberger, Heck, Jackson Lee, DeGette, Doggett, Blumenauer, Clay,
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Vargas, Garamendi, Chu, Sanchez, Trone, Johnson, H., Castor, Cummings, Norcross, Thompson, Courtney, DeSaulnier, Hayes, Ruiz, Axne, Butterfield, Swalwell, Scott, B., Takano, Kennedy, Smith, Fletcher, McEachin, Lynch, Woodall, Shalala, Houlahan, Larson, Smith,
C., Johnson, E.B., Allred, Finkenauer, Stevens, Omar, Waters, Pallone, Davids, Young, Boyle, Larsen, Garamendi, Luria, Huffman, Courtney, Scott, D., Cox, Lawson, Schakowsky, Spanberger, Cisneros, McBath, Foster, Evans, Quigley, Schiff, Kildee, Levin, M., Cardenas,
Delgado, Garcia, Adams, Eshoo, Gooden, Kind, Pascrell, Richmond

Current signers for FY 21: Lee, Wagner, Hayes, Moore, Barragan, Payne, DeSaulnier, Espaillat, Panetta, Pingree, Vargas, Scott, D., Wild, Plaskett, Green, Swalwell, Cohen, Hastings, Sanchez, Veasey, Lynch, Beatty, Maloney, Meeks, Brown, Jayapal,
Titus, Smith, C., McEachin, Delgado, Cunningham, Shalala, Raskin, DelBene, Doggett, Rush, Horsford, Axne, Butterfield, Houlahan, Jackson Lee, Deutch, Larson, Davis, D., Peters, Levin, A., Pallone, Omar, Casten, Brindisi, Kelly, Cardenas, Brownley, Bonamici,
Beyer, Gomez, Schiff, Gonzalez-Colon, Engel, Bost, Waters, Speier, McGovern, Schakowsky, Fletcher, Rose, Kuster, Blumenauer, Eshoo, Nadler, Cooper, Murphy, Keating, Kind, Himes, Bera, Haaland, Allred, Boyle, DeFazio, Young, Ruppersberger, Scott, B., Khanna,
Chu, Connolly, Castro, Mucarsel-Powell, Grijalva, Sires, Pappas, Malinowski, Yarmuth, Clay, Foster, Garamendi, Lee. S., Cisneros, Johnson, E.B., Costa, Carbajal, Carson, A., Norton, Trone, Castor, Heck, Larsen, Loebsack, McBath, Johnson, H., Spanberger, Evans,
DeGette, Suozzi, Lofgren, Bishop, Keating, Garcia, C., Kim, Sewell, DeLauro, Scanlon, Higgins, Takano, Matsui, Sherman, Kennedy, Porter, Roybal-Allard, Neguse, McNerney, Smith, A., Bass, Clarke, McBath, Kildee, Ruiz, Lieu, Vela, Norcross, Davids, Fudge, McAdams,
Woodall, Larsen, Dingell, Welch, Rouda, Johnson, E.B., Soto, Sarbanes, McBath, Sewell, Schrier, Wexton, Lipinksi, Phillips, McNerney, Camacho Sablan, Cardenas, Ruppersberger, Brown, Schneider.

Dear Colleague,

Please join us in sending a letter to the State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Subcommittee calling for robust funding for the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global
Fund). Text of the letter is below.

For additional information, or to sign onto the letter, please contact Samira Damavandi (Lee) at or Molly Burke (Wagner) at



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