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Zoe Lofgren

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Current co-signers: Zoe Lofgren; Emanuel Cleaver; Sanford D. Bishop, Jr.; Brendan F. Boyle; Julia Brownley; Salud Carbajal; Tony Cardenas; André Carson; Joe Cunningham; Susan A. Davis; Adriano Espaillat; Dwight Evans; Tulsi Gabbard; Josh
Gottheimer; Jahana Hayes; Jim Himes; Wm. Lacy Clay; Sheila Jackson Lee; Stephen Lynch; Joseph D. Morelle; Seth Moulton; Donald M. Payne, Jr.; Scott H. Peters; Cedric Richmond.

Dear Colleague:

We are writing to ask that you join us in sending the below letter to the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education Subcommittee in support of FY 2021 funding for the federal Charter Schools Program (CSP).

As you may know, public charter schools are offering outstanding educational options to students nationwide.  Additionally, over half the students at public charter schools are eligible for free or reduced-priced lunch, over two-thirds are students of color,
and 10.4 percent are English Learners – all levels above the traditional public schools’ average.

Our letter requests increased funding for the Department of Education’s programs that support high-quality public charter schools.  This includes programs that support new school launches and information sharing with traditional public schools.

The increased funding reflects the growing demand for high-quality public school options and the long waitlists at many of these public charter schools.  We hope you will join us in urging the Appropriations Committee to provide increased funding for CSP
– to ensure public charter schools receive the support they need and to improve the educational choices available to our constituents.

To sign on, or for further information, please contact Priscilla Kim in Rep. Lofgren’s office at, or x53072. 
The deadline to sign on is NOON TODAY, March 12th.



ZOE LOFGREN                                                          EMANUEL CLEAVER

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