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Support the Mortgage Insurance Tax Deduction Act (H.R. 284)


Current Co-sponsors: Hastings, McGovern, Norton


Dear Colleague,


I write to request your co-sponsorship of my bill the Mortgage Insurance Tax Deduction Act, which makes permanent the existing mortgage insurance tax deduction.


Homeownership is absolutely key to helping Americans build personal wealth and to save for a secure retirement. Homeowners are also able to tap into home equity to help pay for emergencies, like unexpected medical bills or prolonged unemployment. Instead
of making it more difficult for families to become homeowners, as the recent tax law did by limiting the deduction for property taxes and the home interest tax deduction, Congress should ensure that the tax code helps hardworking families achieve the American
Dream of homeownership.


That is why I have introduced the Mortgage Insurance Tax Deduction Act, which would make permanent the deduction for mortgage insurance premiums.  As you may know, this provision of the federal tax code makes it more affordable for working families to purchase
a home when they do not have the necessary 20 percent down payment.


Since originally enacted, Congress has extended the provision numerous times through the regular tax extenders bill, and the time has come to make the provision a permanent part of the tax code. Absent further action, the tax deduction will expire on December
31, 2020.


Many first-time homeowners have benefited from this tax provision. Extending and making permanent the provision will help middle-class families achieve the American Dream of homeownership and provide stability and assurance for homebuyers going forward.


If you would like to co-sponsor, please email my Legislative Director at:





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Bill Type: 284
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