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This year, an estimated 27,600 Americans will receive the devastating news that they have stomach cancer.  Tragically, nearly 11,000 individuals will die from the disease.  The unfortunate reality is that stomach cancer patients face one of the lowest survival
rates and have very few treatment options. To give stomach cancer patients a more reasonable chance at long-term survival, we must invest in much-needed stomach cancer research.  That’s why we ask that you join us in requesting that stomach cancer remain eligible
for Department of Defense (DoD) Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program (PRCRP) funding.

Data analyzed from the North American Association of Central Cancer Tumor Registries show that the incidence of certain types of stomach cancer is increasing in Americans under the age of 50, a demographic that includes our active duty military officers
and enlisted personnel.  In fact, the Department of Veterans Affairs has recognized that stomach cancer can be a service-related disease caused by exposure to hazardous ionizing radiation, as well as to the bacteria H. pylori while serving abroad.  With few
warning signs, stomach cancer often goes undetected until its fourth untreatable stage, substantially decreasing the already poor prospects for survival. At this stage, the five-year survival rate is no more than five percent.

Through DoD appropriations, Congress can give stomach cancer research the chance to compete for federal funding on equal footing with other deadly diseases.  The PRCRP funds research into several cancer types, including stomach, liver, brain, and bladder
cancers. Keeping stomach cancer on the list of eligible diseases has the potential to make an enormous difference in understanding this under-researched cancer, including its array of risk factors and causes. 

Please join us in sending a letter to Chairman Visclosky and Ranking Member Calvert of the Defense Appropriation Subcommittee requesting that report language accompanying the FY 2021 DoD spending bill include stomach cancer as eligible for PRCRP research
funding.  For more information or to sign the letter, please contact Ian Wolf from Rep. Frankel’s staff at or 5-9890, or Paul Laurie from Rep. Kinzinger’s staff at or 5-3635.

If you would like to sign the letter, please fill out this
by COB on March 6, 2020.  


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