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Support National Parks in FY2021 Appropriations

****Deadline to sign on: March 13, 2020 COB****

Dear Colleague,

We write to invite you to support an important opportunity to invest in America’s national parks in Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21). We ask you to join us on the attached letter to Chairman McCollum and Ranking Member Joyce of the Appropriations Subcommittee on
Interior, Environment and Related Agencies in support of robust funding for the National Park Service (NPS) in FY21.  With your support, Congress can ensure our parks receive the care they need, and visitors can enjoy safe and inspiring experiences.

The National Park System includes sites in every state in the union, from our well-known icons like the Grand Canyon and Statue of Liberty, to lesser-known sites like the Washita Battlefield and Céasar E. Chávez National Monument.  Unfortunately, despite
appropriators’ commendable work to invest in them over the years, our parks have been challenged by reduced spending power and a growing deferred maintenance backlog.  These challenges have in many cases been exacerbated by record increases in visitation. 
Americans love their parks and expect them to be well cared for.

Insufficient park operations funding has led to inadequate day-to-day maintenance and fewer rangers to protect and interpret parks.  Investing in the Operation of the National Park System would address these pressing needs.  The backlog of repair needs—from
visitor centers to trails and water systems—can be addressed in part through the park Construction account.  Further, an investment is needed for the Centennial Challenge, an effective public-private partnership launched during the George W. Bush administration
that leverages private funds with matching federal dollars for projects to restore park facilities and improve the visiting experience at parks throughout the country. These and other park accounts provide for staff and programs to fix our parks, preserve
historic resources and provide for their interpretation, provide quality recreational experiences, education, land conservation, wildlife management and more.

As you know, national parks are a wise investment, with $10 in economic activity for every dollar invested in the National Park Service.

We hope you’ll join us for this historic opportunity to support our national parks by signing on to the attached letter.  To add your name to the letter, please contact Olivia Kirchberg in Rep. Kind’s office at or Kyle Jacobs in Rep. Roe’s office at


Rep. David P. Roe, M.D.                                                        Rep. Ron Kind

Member of Congress                                                              Member of Congress


March XX, 2020

Dear Chairwoman McCollum and Ranking Member Joyce:

As members of Congress who care about America’s national parks and their cultural, natural, historic and economic importance to the American people, we write to express our support for robust funding for the National Park Service (NPS) in Fiscal Year 2021

We commend the enhanced – and much appreciated – investments the Appropriations Committees provided for NPS in recent years. These investments support visitor programs, repair projects, historic resource protection, volunteer programs, wildlife monitoring
and more. They are particularly helpful as our parks experienced double-digit increases in visitation in recent years and ongoing maintenance and staffing challenges.

Because our national parks continue to struggle with funding challenges, we respectfully ask that you build on these investments with robust funding in FY21. An enhanced investment will support needed repair and rehabilitation, cyclic maintenance, larger
maintenance projects, visitor interpretation, historic preservation, recreation management and other necessities. National park staffing levels have been eroding over the years so we urge funding to provide the rangers and other staff needed to operate our
parks, serve large numbers of visitors, maintain facilities and steward park resources. Further, better funding can support the Centennial Challenge, matching grants that leverage at least one dollar of philanthropic donations for every federal dollar invested.
These funds enjoy bipartisan support and would allow for projects throughout the country that address infrastructure and interpretation needs that enhance the visiting experience so critical to job creation and economic health.

Our national parks are some of the most visited destinations in the country; are a draw for international tourists; and offer affordable places of respite and learning for American families. They offer a return on investment of nearly $10 for every dollar
appropriated to the National Park Service and these investments support over 300,000 private-sector jobs and $36 billion in economic activity annually.

We recognize and thank you for your ongoing efforts to balance limited resources in a difficult fiscal climate. Our national parks protect iconic natural and historic resources and are experiencing robust tourism that fuels the American economy. We ask you
to provide the National Park Service with sufficient resources to protect and restore our national treasures for our children and our grandchildren.

Thank you for your long-standing support for the National Park Service.


_______________________                                                  _______________________

Rep. David P. Roe, M.D.                                                        Rep. Ron Kind

Member of Congress                                                              Member of Congress

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