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Dear Colleague:

For many years, we have all known that China imposes some of the world’s most stringent censorship measures upon its citizens. Opinions and even facts which run counter to the Communist Party’s preferred narratives are systematically expunged from the internet
and from public discourse in China. But increasingly, Beijing is seeking to export its restrictions on freedom of speech across the world. In the United States, we saw this trend firsthand when the general manager of an NBA team tweeted words of support for
the Hong Kong protesters, and Beijing responded by demanding his firing and by undertaking a campaign of economic coercion against the league. Unfortunately, we have seen similar pressure applied against countless others who dare to speak up, including against
activists, actors, airlines, musicians, and small businesses.  

When any foreign government is routinely seeking to stifle the free speech of Americans, Congress must stand up and put a foot down. We have an obligation to protect American workers who exercise their First Amendment rights or refuse to facilitate foreign
disinformation efforts. Accordingly, please join us in cosponsoring the
Preventing Foreign CENSORSHIP in America Act
(Preventing the Foreign Coercive Export of Non-Consensual Speech and Orwellian Restrictions by Superpowers Hoping to Intimidate People in America Act).

Our bill will:

  • Prohibit almost all entities operating in the U.S. from firing or retaliating against employees or independent contractors on the basis of their China-related protected speech, refusal to facilitate foreign human rights violations, or because of pressure
    from designated foreign countries;
  • Prohibit almost all employment contracts from requiring workers, even when they are off the clock, from staying silent on topics such countries seek to censor;
  • Create federal, state, and private enforcement mechanisms to ensure these rights are upheld and that victims of China’s or other designated countries’ extraterritorial censorship can have their day in court; and
  • Establish meaningful reporting requirements to ensure the American people understand the full extent of dictatorships’ efforts to stifle debate and dissent outside of their own borders and even in the United States, and to name companies that give in to
    such pressure.

Unless Congress acts, China’s economic importance will increasingly give it a veto over the free speech rights of Americans. If you have any questions, please contact any of our offices. To cosponsor the bill, please fill out this form:


YVETTE D. CLARKE, Member of Congress                   

TOM MALINOWSKI, Member of Congress                    

BRAD SHERMAN, Member of Congress     

MIKE GALLAGHER, Member of Congress

JIM BANKS, Member of Congress

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