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Join Hastings in Establishing a Congressional Commission to Strengthen Our Democracy

Cosponsors: Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee, Seth Moulton

Endorsed by: FairVote

Dear Colleague:

Please join me as an original cosponsor of the Congress Commission Act, which would establish a commission to analyze the current size of the House of Representatives, examine alternatives to the current method by which Members are elected, and
study the harmful effects gerrymandering has had on our democracy.

As Members of the House of Representatives, it is incumbent on us to ensure that our ranks are as true a reflection of America’s population as possible. We are nearly two decades into the 21st century.  And yet, the House of Representatives is still operating
with the same number of Members as it did in 1910, even though the population of the country has more than tripled in the intervening century from 90 million in 1910 to nearly 330 million in 2019. At the time the House’s current size was established, each
Member of Congress represented an average of 210,00 people. In 2019, that number is closer to 750,000. It is far past time to reconsider increasing our numbers to improve our ability to more fully represent our constituents and the nation.

The goal in establishing the Congressional Commission to Strengthen Representative Democracy is to provide our ever-larger nation with more personal interactions with their representatives and greater access to their federal government, improving the relationship
and trust between constituent and representative. This will bring about better representation for the American people by further bringing the House of Representatives into the twenty-first century and will enhance our nation’s reputation as a global leader
in representative democracy.

The Commission will analyze the current size of the membership of the House of Representatives, considering the requirements for the institution to carry out its responsibilities in an effective manner as our republic faces growing domestic and international
challenges. Furthermore, it will also examine the use of gerrymandering in the creation of single-member districts. By determining if reform would make for a more representative body and include more citizens in the election process, the Commission will explore
alternatives to the current method of electing representatives. Finally, a report will be submitted to Congress and the President by the culmination of the 117th Congress, along with recommended legislative action to target any areas of concern discovered
through the Commission’s work.

The Commission will consist of five members appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, five members appointed by the House Minority Leader, two members appointed by the Senate Majority Leader, two members appointed by the Senate Minority Leader,
and a Chairman appointed by a vote of the Commission’s members. These members will be able to hold hearings and issue subpoenas in order to compile an authoritative and comprehensive report and to make informed legislative recommendations.

If you have any questions or would like to become an original cosponsor, please contact Elena Kochnowicz at or 5-1313 (Rep. Hastings).


Alcee L. Hastings
Member of Congress

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