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Support the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Location Act (H.R. 5046)

Original cosponsors (31): Bacon, Baird, Banks, Brown, Cisneros,
Crenshaw, DeFazio, Fitzpatrick, Gallego, Gallagher, Golden,
Guthrie, Houlahan, Kinzinger, Lamb, Loudermilk, Luria,
Mast, Moulton, Panetta, Reschenthaler, Riggleman, Rose, Sherrill, Slotkin, Spanberger,
Steube, Stewart, Taylor, Waltz, Young

Cosponsors (25): Wilson, Marshall, Hudson,
Kind, Stefanik, Costa, Brownley, Axne, Sablan, Pappas, Raskin, DeLauro, Cartwright,
Huizenga, Ryan, Stivers, Brindisi, Foster, Fleischmann,
Kelly, Olson, LaHood, Flores, Hurd, Cunningham

Endorsements: The American Legion, AFL-CIO, Team Rubicon, With Honor, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Student Veterans of America, Union Veterans Council, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Boot Campaign, Special Operations Care
Fund, Tomahawk Charitable Solutions, Veterans Athletes United



Dear Colleague,

We invite you to cosponsor an important bipartisan bill to honor and commemorate our service members and civil servants who have served — and continue to serve — in the ongoing Global War on Terrorism.

As combat veterans in the U.S. Army and the Marine Corps respectively, we had the honor of serving with many of the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Their legacy deserves our gratitude, and we must properly recognize and honor
their service. Although our country has been at war longer than any point in history, we have been unable to construct a memorial because of laws that dictate when memorials can be built within the reserve. 

In 2017 Congress unanimously passed the Global War on Terrorism War Memorial Act (PL 115-51), which authorized a memorial honoring these Airmen, Coast Guardsmen, Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, civil servants, civilian support personnel, and their
families. This law was a critical first step, but did not explicitly dictate a location for the memorial. In response to the findings of the official 501 (c)(3) nonprofit tasked with building the memorial, after nearly a year of stakeholder interviews about
design and location, we have introduced legislation to permit the Global War on Terrorism Memorial to be built in the Reserve of the National Mall, alongside our most prominent national monuments.

Today’s Armed Forces are comprised solely of volunteers. They are the most diverse and inclusive fighting force ever to defend our nation. The Global War on Terrorism is also fought by the smallest percentage of Americans in our country’s history
– approximately 0.5% of the nation is currently serving. While the total force is smaller, total number of deployments and time spent away from home per service member are equal to or greater than previous generations. We believe that the greater burden that
this small group of heroes assumes by volunteering to defend our nation during our longest conflict is in fact the most compelling reason that this generation has earned recognition on par with the other major war memorials in the Reserve. 

The Global War on Terrorism has been an ongoing effort for more than 18 years and does not have an anticipated end date. By locating this memorial in the Reserve can we show the now multiple generations who have served in this conflict that their
service is just as appreciated by our country as is that of the World War II, Vietnam, and Korean War generations. By building a tangible symbol of the sacrifices made by all who served in the Global War on Terrorism, we believe the Memorial will honor, heal,
empower, and unite all Americans.

Please join us in supporting H.R. 5046 to honor both our service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the Global War on Terrorism and those who continue to promote peace across the world. If you have any questions or would like to be
a cosponsor of H.R. 5046, please contact Jon Green ( with Rep. Jason Crow or Chas Morrison ( with Rep. Mike Gallagher.





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