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Cosponsor the Veterans Affairs Protection Act of 2019 (H.R. 4515)

Dear Colleague:

I write to request your support for my bill, the Veterans Affairs Protection Act of 2019, which will ensure VA receives automatic continuing appropriations in the event of future government shutdowns.

While some portions of the VA budget are not impacted by government shutdowns, lapses in funding VA can cause significant delays in receiving important benefits, as well as information about these benefits, upon which veterans and servicemembers rely.

For instance, VA would be unable to process new veterans claims or reduce its backlog of claims. Veterans would also be unable to obtain important information about their benefits because education call centers, VA hotlines, and regional office outreach
activities are suspended. During shutdowns, many veterans enrolled in the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program are also unable to access important counseling services. Additionally, many Transition Assistance Program (TAP) workshops, which assist
military servicemembers in transitioning to civilian life and provide information on how to access federal government benefits, would be postponed.

My bill would address any lapses in funding VA by automatically continuing appropriations so that there is no lapse in discretionary funding that supports critical benefits and services for veterans.

Please join me in supporting this critical legislation. If you have questions or would like to co-sponsor, please email




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