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Dear Colleague,

Please join Congressman John Garamendi (CA-03) and Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) in supporting H.R. 4710, the bipartisan Pharmaceutical Independence Long Term Readiness Reform Act

Currently China is a principal creator of generic prescriptions, which accounts for approximately 90 percent of the pharmaceutical market.  Chinese pharma not only produces the medicines and vaccines, but also have the majority of the raw materials to produce
them.  The United States closed its last penicillin fermentation plant in 2004 and no longer has the capability to develop the antibiotic.  China has the ability to inflict serious casualties against United States without firing a single shot if they chose
to poison our generic medicines and vaccines that our military uses.         

The Pharmaceutical Independence Long Term Readiness Reform Act will require the DoD to incorporate medical supply chain vulnerabilities into the National Defense Strategy, provide recommendations on how to diversify supply away from dependency on foreign
countries, and require the DoD to purchase only American-made medicines, vaccines, and raw materials. 

To join as a cosponsor, please contact Betsy Thompson in Representative Garamendi’s office at


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