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We invite you to cosponsor the bipartisan IoT Readiness Act, introduced by the Internet of Things (IoT) Caucus Co-Chairs.

In 2015 a family of 4 had an average of 10 IoT devices connected to the internet, this includes fitness watches, garage door openers, or security locks. That average is expected to increase to 50 devices in just three years. The Federal Communications Commission
(FCC) has no early warning system prepared to determine if our networks can manage exponential IoT demand. Spectrum is limited resources and IoT devices require enough spectrum to be available, so the networks don’t become overwhelmed.
Without an adequate amount of spectrum, devices are unable to communicate and transmit data with other devices, such as time, location, or temperature.

After the introduction of smartphones, the number of devices with the ability to access the internet increased dramatically. The FCC had no plan in place to anticipate and manage this growth in usage. Cellular networks became overwhelmed, and the FCC had
to go through the lengthy and burdensome process of allocating spectrum. Our networks are facing the same problem today with IoT devices. The IoT Caucus is introducing the
IoT Readiness Act to address this issue.


  • Directs the FCC to collect and maintain data on the growth in usage of IoT devices, and devices that use 5G mobile networks. 
  • Requires the FCC to determine whether the current spectrum available meets the current demand of IoT devices. Additionally, if the FCC anticipates future growth, the FCC must determine the amount of spectrum necessary to meet that demand.

To solve this problem, we need a complete and accurate picture of the issue at hand. Unfortunately, the FCC is not proactively collecting this information, and the U.S. is falling farther and farther behind. Other countries with similar IoT growth are already
implementing proactive policies to manage IoT growth.

We invite you to cosponsor the IoT Readiness Act and help prepare our economy for the next generation of technology. 

For questions or to cosponsor, please contact Eddie Reilingh with Rep. DelBene ( or Collin Husted with Rep. Katko (




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