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Jackie Speier

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Sponsors: Speier, McGovern

Organizations supporting resolution: Human Rights Watch


Dear Colleague,

Please join us in cosponsoring a resolution to encourage the development of an effective, independent international anti-corruption court (IACC) to combat kleptocracy across the globe. Systemic corruption has created economic, humanitarian, and governance
challenges across the world, undermining rule of law and depriving millions of people of billions of dollars their governments could have spent helping them. Combating this scourge requires international cooperation, since corrupt leaders ensure impunity for
themselves by eliminating the domestic checks and balances that could otherwise be used to hold them accountable.

Supporting an IACC would build on U.S. leadership in the fight against kleptocracy and complement existing anti-corruption institutions. Appropriately crafted, an IACC could serve as a new option for victims of kleptocracy to pursue justice and receive stolen
funds once their domestic options have been exhausted. Participation by the United States would assist U.S. businesses, already governed by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, by evening the regulatory playing field.

To view text of the resolution or to co-sponsor, please contact Mitchel Hochberg in Congresswoman Speier’s office at 202-225-3531 or



Jackie Speier   Jim McGovern

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