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Buchanan, Rubio Bill Will Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent

Dear Colleague:

Please join me in co-sponsoring the Sunshine Protection Act (H.R. 1556), bipartisan legislation to end the twice a year time change and move to permanent daylight saving time.

Daylight saving time was first adopted in the United States more than a 100 years ago and Congress voted to expand its duration in 2005. Now the U.S. observes daylight saving time from March to November, amounting to more than 65 percent of the calendar

The twice a year change between daylight saving time and standard time has shown to have dangerous effects by increasing both heart attacks and car accidents. And many studies have shown that making daylight saving time permanent could benefit the economy
and the country.

Seven states have passed bills to eliminate the time change and move to permanent daylight saving time, but they cannot do so without congressional approval. More than 30 other states are addressing daylight saving time in some way. The
Sunshine Protection Act would negate the need for Americans to change their clocks twice a year. Specifically, the bill would keep the 48 states that participate in daylight saving time permanently. Sen. Marco Rubio has filed companion legislation
in the Senate.

Potential effects of making Daylight Saving Time permanent for the nation include:

  • Reduces car crashes and car accidents involving pedestrians: better aligning daylight hours to drivers’ standard work hours’ increases visibility, according to the American Journal of Public Health and the Journal of Safety Research. 
  • Reduces risk for cardiac issues, stroke and seasonal depression.
  • Benefits the economy, according to a study by JP Morgan Chase, which found that there is a drop in economic activity of 2.2 percent – 4.9 percent when clocks move back.
  • Reduces childhood obesity and increases physical fitness, according to studies published by the International Journal Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity and the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, children see an increase in physical activity
    during DST. The Journal of Environmental Psychology found that DST increased pedestrian activity by 62% and cyclists activity by 38% because of additional daylight.
  • Benefits the agricultural economy, which is disproportionately disrupted by biannual changes in time by upsetting the synergy between farmers’ schedules and their supply chain partners.
  • Reduces energy usage, a 2008 study by the U.S. Department of Energy found that during the 4 weeks the U.S. extended daylight savings from the 2005 law, there were savings of about 0.5 percent in electricity per day. 

Studies have shown many benefits of a year-round Daylight Saving Time, which is why Florida and six other states have voted to make it permanent. Please join as a co-sponsor of the
Sunshine Protection Act and end the antiquated process of switching the time.

For more information or to co-sponsor the bill please contact Christian Spencer at



Vern Buchanan

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