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Help Improve Access to HIV Treatment

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Dear Colleague:

I invite you to join me as a co-sponsor of H.R. 5806, the HIV Epidemic Loan-Repayment Program (HELP) Act.  

This legislation would help address the shortage of qualified healthcare professionals needed to provide care for America’s growing population of people living with HIV.  The HELP Act will help address the urgent need for HIV clinical and dental providers
by creating a new loan repayment program.  This bill authorizes up to $250,000 over five years in loan repayment to physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and dentists, who provide HIV treatment in health professional shortage areas or at Ryan
White funded clinical sites. 

The HELP Act will grow treatment and dental care access to the communities most in need.  Currently, the United States is unable to meet the needs of the growing patient population and may fall further behind over the next decade.  This legislation will
not only will attract new clinicians into the HIV workforce, but also assist in retaining our country’s existing, skilled workforce. 

We can end HIV in the United States, and the HELP Act moves our country in the right direction.  The recent advances in HIV treatments are truly remarkable.  Those living with the disease now live near-normal lifespans, and new medications reduce the virus
to levels that prevent new transmissions. We are so close, but to realize this dream, our nation must commit to a substantial expansion of our current HIV workforce. 

I hope you will join me in supporting the HELP Act.  For more information or to become a cosponsor, please contact Thomas Dorney in my office at x5-3801 or  As always, I appreciate your consideration.




John Lewis

Member of Congress

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