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Dear Colleague,

The United States is fortunate to have the toughest and bravest men and women in the world serving in our Armed Forces, fighting to protect our freedoms from those who wish to do us harm.  Unfortunately, too many veterans are out of work and unable to prove
that their military service has prepared them with the right knowledge and skills that many employers are seeking in their employees.

That is why each service branch under the Department of Defense (DoD) has dedicated resources and created programs to help service-members transition into civilian life and obtain employment.  One of these programs is the Credentialing Opportunities On-Line
(COOL) program.  Each service’s COOL program guides the service-member through the process of obtaining credentials – certifications and licenses – that would qualify them to hold certain professional and technical jobs, such as welders, truck operators, emergency
medical technicians, and more.  However, it is unclear how successful these programs are because DoD has not established performance measures to gauge their effectiveness. 

That is why I am introducing the Preparing Service-Members for Success Act.  This legislation would establish additional performance measures to evaluate the effectiveness of the COOL programs of each branch of the Armed Forces in connecting members of the
Armed Forces with professional credential programs.  These measures would include: the percentage of members who participate in a professional credential program through the COOL program; the percentage of members who have completed one of these programs;
and the percentage of members who are employed one year after separation or release from the Armed Forces.

It is imperative that, upon their return home from combat and as they begin to transition out of the military, our men and women in uniform are provided with all the necessary resources to become productive members of society.  Please join me by cosponsoring
this important legislation.  Thank you for your consideration.  To become a cosponsor, please contact Mike Davin on my staff at (202) 225-6405, or      




Robert E. Latta

Member of Congress

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