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Earl Blumenauer

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Supported by: Center for Civic Education, American Council on Education

Current Cosponsors: Blumenauer*, Cole*, Schrier*


Dear Colleague:

We are writing to urge you to cosponsor our bipartisan legislation, the Understanding and Studying American (USA) Civics Act of 2019.

Today, only 32% of Americans can name all three government branches. That means two-thirds of the people in the US aren’t equipped with foundational knowledge necessary to participate in and navigate our democracy. Investing in civics education is key to
ensuring that future participants and leaders in our democracy are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to do so.

The USA Civics Act of 2019 would provide grants to establish and strengthen civics programs to promote more comprehensive understandings of the history, achievements, and global impacts of American constitutional and representative democracy. Specifically,
the bill supports the efforts of social science teachers in primary and secondary schools. In addition to funding teacher initiatives and educational curricula and materials, the USA Civics Act of 2019 would provide funding to develop open educational resources
and outreach activities.

The USA Civics Act promotes the study of American political thought and constitutional democracies globally, invests in opportunities for civics educators to deepen their knowledge of the field, and opens new doors for our young future leaders to learn how
they can participate in the country’s political life.

Please join us in cosponsoring the USA Civics Act of 2019. If you have questions or would like to cosponsor the bill, please contact Martha Cramer with Rep. Earl Blumenauer at,
Josh Jackson with Rep. Tom Cole at, or Alex Payne with Rep. Kim Schrier at



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