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The roots of the House Page Program stretch back to the early 19th century.  For over one hundred years, pages assisted the House of Representatives in a variety of ways, including streamlining correspondence.  That is, until the program was cancelled in
2011.  It was said that the program was too expensive to operate and made obsolete by improvements in communication technology.

I believe that the Page Program provides an important service not only to the House of Representatives, but to the pages who dedicate their time to us.  That is why I am proud to introduce
H.R. 2434, the Promoting American Government Education Act (PAGE ACT). This bill would reestablish the House Page Program as well as create a new position on the House
Page Board for an individual to serve as guardian ad litem an represent and protect the interests of the pages.

The Page Program gives high achieving high school students an opportunity to gain invaluable work experience and political knowledge during their time on the Hill.  In turn, with the help of the pages, the House is able to better, and more quickly, communicate.

I invite you to join me in bringing the House Page Program back by cosponsoring the PAGE act.  To learn more or to cosponsor, please contact Nishith Pandya in my office at


Bobby L. Rush
Member of Congress

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