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Join the New Congressional Personalized Medicine Caucus

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We invite you to participate in our bicameral, bipartisan effort to promote an innovative model of health care delivery that has the potential to detect the onset of disease at early stages, preempt the progression of diseases, and improve the quality, accessibility
and affordability of the health care system. The new Congressional Personalized Medicine Caucus is a forum that engages Members in a constructive dialogue on policy solutions that will help realize the full potential of this cutting-edge approach to health

Personalized medicine, also called precision or individualized medicine, is a rapidly advancing field in which physicians use diagnostic tests to identify specific biological characteristics that help determine which medical treatments and procedures will
work best for each patient. By combining this information with an individual’s medical records, taking into account social determinants of health, and a patient’s personal values, personalized medicine allows doctors and patient to develop targeted treatment
and prevention plans.

Challenges with existing regulatory and reimbursement paradigms, however, have slowed the adoption of many new personalized medicine technologies. We believe proactive engagement from Congress would be helpful in understanding and fostering the science that
is driving progress in personalized medicine. By harnessing this knowledge, we can better tailor policies that support the field’s advancement so that patients and the health system will benefit from more widespread adoption.

If you would like to join the Congressional Personalized Medicine Caucus, please contact Adeola Adesina in Congressman Eric Swalwell’s office at or Catherine Lenz in Congressman Tom Emmer’s office at


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