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Dear Colleague, 

We write to cordially invite you to join the Congressional Collegiate Sports Caucus. This caucus will serve as an informal group of members dedicated to issues related to collegiate sports and will serve as an important educational tool.

College sports is one of our nation’s most important pastimes and an integral component of our nation’s universities. This caucus will give members a unique opportunity to take a deep dive into the NCAA in light of some of the recent stories we have all
heard about. As more state legislatures have passed bills relating to issues like student-athletes benefitting from their own likeness, it is integral that we as Members of Congress stay up to date on these issues and take action when necessary to ensure fairness
for all involved in collegiate sports.

State legislatures are not the only entities who have taken action. Legislation has been introduced in Congress to make significant changes to the NCAA and this caucus will give members a chance to discuss these bills bill and other ideas to improve collegiate
sports for all involved. We will examine issues such as competition, graduation rates, profit margins, revenue-generating athletes being prohibited from benefitting from their own success, and many more.




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