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Cosponsors: Grace Napolitano, Ralph Norman, Lizzie Fletcher, Randy Weber

Dear Colleague:

We invite you to join us as a cosponsor of the bipartisan Sustainable Municipal Access to Resilient Technology in Infrastructure (SMART Infrastructure) Act, which would support innovation and open competition to allow us to rebuild America’s infrastructure
efficiently and sensibly.

Currently, many regulations in place significantly restrict the types of materials available to be used for infrastructure projects. By limiting solutions for the construction of these projects, these regulations have increased costs and obstructed the adoption
of innovative technologies. A 2013 Mayors Water Council report found that reluctance to break from convention has a costly impact on repair and replacement
efforts. In fact, the National Taxpayers Union estimates that opening competition for construction materials could
save more than $371 billion on water infrastructure improvements alone. The Brookings Institution included this idea in a

July 2018 report
on ways to make wiser infrastructure investments.

As the federal government continues to fund critical infrastructure projects and Members on both sides of the aisle seek to increase that investment across the country, we should encourage modern, resilient solutions that use taxpayer dollars responsibly.
Therefore, our straightforward bill would:

  • Require bidding for all technically qualified materials for infrastructure projects that receive federal funding, unless there is an engineering or economic justification for selecting one material;
  • Preserve flexibility for States and localities to select appropriate construction materials that best meet performance requirements and enhance the service life, sustainability, and resiliency of the project; and
  • Establish an interagency task force to develop a comprehensive report on procurement processes and open competition for construction materials.

If you have any questions or would like to cosponsor this bipartisan legislation, please contact Zac Commins in Rep. Rouda’s office at or Avery Littrell in Rep. Babin’s office at


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