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Cosponsor H.Res. 763, a Resolution Expressing Support for the Development of a National Strategic Plan to End Deep Poverty

Supporting organizations:
American Psychological Association

Current Cosponsors (6):
Rep. Nadler, Rep. Holmes Norton, Rep. Carson, Rep. Evans,
Rep. Wilson, Rep. Jackson Lee


Dear Colleague:

Our nation is the richest on earth, yet despite that wealth, we have far too many individuals and families facing the harsh realities
of deep poverty. In 2018, more than 17.3 million people in the United States still lived in deep poverty, which is defined as having an income below half of the federal poverty line. In 2018, that equated to $6,392 or less for a single person and $12,850 or
less for a family of four. In 2017, over 30 percent of all children lived in deep poverty.

These statistics are unacceptable. Deep poverty still exists as a result of a history of structural inequality that deepens economic
hardship and limits opportunity. Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, women (particularly women-headed households), children, young adults, and people with disabilities disproportionately experience deep poverty in the United States. Poverty is
dehumanizing and physically and psychologically harmful to children and adults, with negative effects that accumulate over time.

Inadequate access to housing, health care, food, and basic needs create the conditions that result in mass-scale deep poverty. In order
to address these systemic problems, we must come together to ensure programs tackling these issues function in a coordinated and effective manner.  

Congress has a responsibility to help Americans meet their basic human needs, and to engender respect for the human dignity of people
living in deep poverty. Please join me in cosponsoring a resolution raising awareness of deep poverty and economic inequality, affirming the need to advance policy solutions to address the complex factors and structures that contribute to deep poverty, and
supporting the development of a national strategic plan to end deep poverty.

Thank you for your consideration. Please contact Alexis Philbrick ( in my office if you would
like to be a cosponsor or have any questions.


José E. Serrano
Member of Congress

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