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Cosponsor Legislation Supporting Rural Economic Development 

Support the Bipartisan THRIVE Act

Cosponsors (4): Bishop (GA), Bustos, Costa, Pappas

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Rural communities are the backbone of America, providing our energy and food, serving as stewards of our natural resources, and helping drive innovation.  Despite the important role rural America plays in our country, many rural towns and communities are
struggling.  Industries relocating, health care costs and crisis, deteriorating schools, and a lack of internet access have led to declining prospects for too many rural areas. It is time to write a new chapter for rural America.

The Transforming Hiring in Rural Industries and Vital Economies (THRIVE) Act of 2019 capitalizes on the potential of rural America.  The bill establishes an interagency council that maximizes existing federal investments and promotes public-private partnerships
to revitalize rural economies and create family sustaining jobs.  The THRIVE Act advises agencies on using existing dollars to assist rural small businesses, improve health care services, invest in rural schools, and expand access to broadband internet services.  
The interagency council serves as a voice for rural Americans and tackles the biggest issues facing these communities by spurring economic development and expanding access to funding. 

The THRIVE Act is a revenue neutral bill that focuses our efforts and attention on these too often forgotten communities while promoting good governance and interagency cooperation.

Please join us in committing to stimulate economic growth within our rural communities and unlocking the enormous potential of rural America.  For more information about this legislation or to become a cosponsor, please contact Ben Donovan (,
5-5546) in Congressman Cartwright’s office or Austin Gage (, 5-4601) in Congressman Rogers’ office.


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