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        Request for Cosponsor(s)

Bipartisan Resolution Supporting US-Armenia Relations, the Velvet Revolution, and the Anniversary of Democratic Elections

Current Cosponsors: Pallone,
Bilirakis, Speier, P. King (NY), Schiff, Napolitano, McGovern, Sherman,
Fortenberry, Costa, Chu, Sanchez, Cisneros, Garamendi, Eshoo, Sires, Krishnamoorthi, Pascrell, Raskin, Takano, Tlaib, Torres, Cicilline, Lieu,
Sensenbrenner, Levin, Cox, Pappas, Malinowski

Dear Colleague, 

I invite you to cosponsor a bipartisan resolution, H.Res.452, that reaffirms the critical importance of the relationship between the United States and Armenia and recognizes the drastic shift toward democracy that has taken place over the past year in Armenia.

Armenia transformed through the organic, grassroots movement that led to the nonviolent “Velvet Revolution” and unprecedented democratic national elections last December. These historic events are a testament to the Armenian people’s commitment to democracy,
showing why it is so important for the United States to elevate our engagement with the current Pashinyan government. 

Armenia is at a critical moment in its history where U.S. support can help foster the growth of pro-democratic and civil society institutions. This resolution is the beginning of a broad-based strategic upgrade of the U.S.-Armenia partnership based upon
our shared interests and common values.

To sign onto this bipartisan resolution, please contact James Johnson at or 202-225-4671.



Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr.

Co-Chair, Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues