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Suppot Posttraumatic Growth Treatment for Veterans in Crisis

Current Co-Sponsors: Watkins, Suozzi, Radewagen, Carson, Fitzpatrick, Lesko, Mast, Stivers, Wittman, Hartzler, Lamb, Wild, Kelly, Rose, Pappas, McMorris Rodgers, Espaillat, Rush, Jackson Lee, Joyce

Dear Colleague:

As Co-Chairs of the Military Mental Health Taskforce, we write today to urge you to support and cosponsor the Veterans Posttraumatic Growth Act. It will require the VA to pilot non-profit posttraumatic growth programs to provide an evidence-based approach
to holistic mental health care.

As you know, the Department of Veterans Affairs has made it their clinical priority to combat the veteran suicide rate. Still, the Department of Veterans Affairs states that at least 20 veterans die by suicide every day. Existing efforts have failed to make
the impact our veterans deserve.

In August 2015, The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) called for a new and innovative approach to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for veterans. In 2017, JAMA Psychiatry declared that,

“Despite the large increase in availability of evidence-based treatments, considerable room exists for improvement in treatment efficacy, and satisfaction appears bleak based on low treatment retention…we have probably come about as far as we can with
current dominant clinical approaches.”

Our mental health system needs to be more effective with PTSD and suicide prevention, but there are non-profit organizations that are delivering sustained evidence-based results that far surpass dominant clinical outcomes for veterans struggling with suicidal
ideation or PTSD.

This bill will begin moving forward evidence-based treatments that are effectively helping veterans in their recovery from PTSD. It requires the Secretary to conduct a pilot program to study the effectiveness and benefits of non-profit posttraumatic growth
programs. The pilot will determine the outcomes of such programs in contrast to traditional models of mental health care, the possible integration of such non-profit programs into the mental health care programs provided by the Secretary, and the budgetary
impacts of such integration.

For more information or to co-sponsor, please Zach Prager (Rep. Ryan) at / (202) 225-5261 or Mike D’Orazio (Rep. Reschenthaler) at michael.d’ / (202) 225-2065.



Tim Ryan                                                  Guy Reschenthaler
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