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Cosponsor, H.Res. 672, a Bipartisan Resolution Supporting the Three Seas Initiative and European Energy Security

Current  Sponsors: Kinzinger, Keating, Sires, Pence, Gooden, Costa, Rooney, Hunter, Harris, Weber, Heck, Turner, Quigley, Price, Lipinski, Trone, Johnson (OH), Gonzalez (TX), McMorris Rodgers, Cohen, Guest,
Schweikert, Hartzler, Cook 

Dear Colleague:

Please join us as an original co-sponsor of a resolution supporting the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) to bolster energy and infrastructure security in Central and Eastern Europe in the face of increased Russian and Chinese influence. In 2015, twelve Central
European nations in the European Union established the 3SI in order to increase energy autonomy and resilience through support of collective financing for new infrastructure projects to connect the region between the Adriatic, Baltic, and Black Seas.

The Soviet-imposed communist rule in Central and Eastern Europe left the region with a significant energy infrastructure deficit, especially on the north-to-south axes. This deficit leaves these nations overly dependent on Russia for energy and additional
economic needs. Tragically, Russia seeks to undermine democratic institutions and liberty in Europe through hybrid means, including using energy as a tool for coercion. This includes Russian gas pipeline projects such as Nord Stream II and Turk Stream, which
are political in nature.

The Three Seas Initiative is a critical step forward to jointly finance projects to build connectivity and resilience in this strategic region. The adoption of this resolution would demonstrate robust U.S. support for the initiative, as well as encourage
the member nations to take action on joint financing of projects. Additionally, it encourages the Three Seas Initiative nations to extend this vision of enhanced connectivity to non-EU member states, such as Ukraine, Moldova, and the Western Balkans. It also
strongly condemns Russia’s efforts to weaponize energy as a means to put pressure on or to undermine liberty and democracy in Europe.

Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions or would like to co-sponsor the resolution supporting the Three Seas Initiative, please contact Nicholas Kazvini-Gore ( or
54146) of Ms. Kaptur’s staff or Sebastian DeLuca ( or 53635) of Mr. Kinzinger’s staff.


MARCY KAPTUR                            ADAM KINZINGER

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